The PABU at the University of Erfurt

What is the PABU?

Gruppe von Studierenden

PABU stands for "participatory budget". PABU gives students the opportunity (in addition to the regular "financial applications" and "investments") to implement ideas and projects for the student body. The money for PABU comes directly from the student body's general budget, where it forms a separate budget title.

Every student can submit a proposal for the use of PABU. The special feature of this budget title is that all students of the University of Erfurt are invited to vote on the use of the PABU (for more details on voting see here). The implementation of the proposal with the most votes is submitted to the student council (StuRa) as a resolution.

Who can participate?

Every member of the student body at the University of Erfurt can participate - in other words, every registered student. Proposals for the use of PABU can be submitted by individual students or groups of students, university groups or student councils at the University of Erfurt. However, the submitted proposals are represented pro forma by a person studying at the University of Erfurt.


Which ideas and projects are suitable as suggestions for PABU?

Studierende auf dem Campus

The proposals are put to the vote of the entire student body, and accordingly they should offer added value to the entire student body.

As a rule of thumb: From students for students!

In addition, the proposals must fall within the scope of responsibility of the composed student body so that they can be implemented (see §2 Statutes of the composed student body). For example, construction measures or the allocation of rooms on campus fall within the competence of the University of Erfurt and are therefore not easily implemented by the StuRa and the student body. One construction measure that could be implemented by the student body, for example, is the bicycle repair station - after consultation and in cooperation with the university's Department 4).
No financial support is given to proposals that fall within the scope of teaching.

For PABU proposals, the ThürHG, the statutes of the composed student body, the financial regulations and the financial rules apply accordingly, just like for financial proposals. This also means that a proposal as a whole may not exceed the sum of the budget title, the PABU, in terms of financing. In the worst case, for example, events may not make more losses than there is money in the budget title. The total sum for each semester is published with the announcement and approval of the budget. Should there be any doubt as to whether a planned project meets these requirements or should there be any questions regarding the financial regulations or rules, please feel free to contact with the subject "Participatory Budget".

Any questions?

You can find more information on the adjoining pages. Should there still be any questions, general questions can be answered by the office staff during office hours. In addition, you can send all your questions at any time to with the subject "Participatory Budget".