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First Information

The Bachelor/Master Study System at the University of Erfurt

The University of Erfurt offers a tiered study system. The first stage is a basic bachelor's degree. As a rule, this requires the Abitur as a general university entrance qualification. This can be followed by a consecutive Master's degree course (which builds on the previous one) or a Master's degree course following a professional career. The prerequisite for this is in particular proof of a relevant first degree.

The Magister Degree Course Catholic Theology, which is offered as a further basic course of study in addition to the Bachelor's degree, can be taken up directly after the Abitur.

All studies are modular in structure. Modules are made up of sub-modules. Within these sub-modules concrete courses are offered, such as lectures or seminars. Each module concludes with a module examination during the course of study.

The amount of time spent studying is expressed by credit points according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (LP/ECTS). One credit point corresponds to an expected working time of 30 hours. On average, a full-time student is expected to work 30 LP/ECTS per semester, i.e. 900 hours. This corresponds to a 40-hour week per semester including the statutory leave days.

The LP/ECTS will continue to be used as a basis for weighting in the calculation of grades for module examinations relevant to the degree.

Bachelor's Programme

The bachelor's programme leads to a first university degree that qualifies students for employment. The standard period of study at the University of Erfurt is 6 semesters, i.e. 3 years. The first 2 semesters are called the orientation phase. It serves the students a) to test the study system, b) to get to know the study and examination regulations and c) to prove themselves, as the transition to the qualification phase (3rd-6th semester) is only open after successful completion of this phase. 

In the Bachelor's programme, two subjects, a major and a minor subject, are to be combined (two-subject Bachelor's). In addition, there is a compulsory area of study at the University of Erfurt which all Bachelor students must complete - the Studium Fundamentale. During the orientation phase, only courses in the chosen major and minor subject are to be attended; if necessary, courses in the Additional Language Studies can also be attended for language studies.

The Bachelor's programme comprises a total of 180 LP/ECTS, of which 90 LP/ECTS are for the major subject and 60 LP/ECTS for the minor subject. The remaining 30 LP/ECTS are allotted to courses of the Studium Fundamentale.

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Master's Programme

The University of Erfurt offers in-depth academic and teaching master's programmes and a Master of Public Policy. The standard period of study in all cases is 4 semesters, i.e. 2 years. The Master's programmes each comprise 120 LP/ECTS.

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Magister Degree Course Catholic Theology

The Master's degree in Catholic Theology is an undergraduate course of study with a standard duration of 10 semesters and a study volume of 300 LP/ECTS.

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Teacher Training Degree Courses

At the University of Erfurt you will be trained for the teaching professions of primary school, regular school, vocational schools or remedial education. Teacher training is carried out in the tiered Bachelor and Master system.

You want to study teaching?

Information Services for Students

At the University of Erfurt, we offer you a wide range of information on study orientation. There is also the possibility of personal advice and participation in guided tours on campus and through the university library.

If you have decided to study at the University of Erfurt, the Introductory Study Days (STET) are the information you should not miss.

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Consulting and Service

General Student Advisory Service

The General Student Advisory Service provides information on the following topics:

  • Study programmes
  • Information leaflets about the study programmes
  • Postgraduate training
  • Access requirements
  • Application
  • Restriction of authorisation/procedure
  • Suitability assessment procedure
  • Suitability tests
  • Semester fee
  • Re-registration
  • Vacation semester
  • Change of study programme


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