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Against the background of the corona pandemic, the University of Erfurt has decided to hold examinations in the summer semester 2020 – and beyond if necessary – as online examinations.

This will be based on the Corona Mantel Act passed by the Thuringian state parliament and a statute based on it, which enables and regulates the implementation of modified examination formats. After a data protection follow-up assessment, the university acquired a license for the examination software WISEflow from the provider UniWise in the summer semester.

This means that both the legal and technical requirements for electronic examinations will be available from 13 July 2020. The focus will be on the electronically conducted distance exams, which will enable students to write their exams under supervision at home if they have a computer with webcam and a stable Internet connection. However, both the submission of written papers via WISEflow and the conduct of oral distance examinations can be realized with WISEflow.


How can I take the examinations if I do not have a stable Internet connection?

The Vice-President has announced that there will also be a limited number of exams for students with poor Internet connections and little or no computer technology. Premises are to be made available for these cases. To a limited extent, Thinkpads are also available, which can be borrowed from the student council.

Does the university provide laptops for the examinations?

If you do not have the appropriate hardware available for your exam, please contact the University Computer and Media Center. They have some equipment available for loan.

Has the use of the software been checked for data protection?

Yes, the university has arranged for a corresponding data protection impact assessment and has also submitted it to the Ministry. The software is legally secure.

Where can I find more detailed information on examination software?

For lecturers the university's "Taskforce Digital Teaching" has provided a topic block with all relevant notes, information and documents for the electronic examinations in the moodle room "Online-Lehre-Sommer-2020" (OLS2020) and is available for your questions.

In the course of the software introduction, workshops for lecturers were also held, which provided an overview of how to use the tool. For all those who missed them, the workshops were recorded and are now available in the moodle room OLS2020.

Students please use the forum in the moodle room UEDiStu for their questions.

Access to moodle room

Who can use the software for examinations at the University of Erfurt?

WISEflow is available to all students and lecturers at the University of Erfurt. Lecturers whose university e-mail address and university account is activated via ELVIS can also use it. The following link will take you directly to the login to the WISEflow portal: can then log in with the eduGAIN_Verfahren and will be forwarded to the shiboleth portal of the University of Erfurt. The login procedure is then the usual one. If employees who are not teaching staff also require WISEflow access, you can inform us by sending an e-mail to

How do I access the exam platform?

The University has set up a so-called Quicklink (top right) on the home page of its website, which takes you directly to UniWise at this address

What opportunities does WISEflow offer me as a student?

With WISEflow, you can participate in paperless examinations in which tasks are distributed and papers are submitted digitally on the same platform. Everything is managed in an easy-to-use interface that gives you a good overview of the entire examination process.

You can use your own computer or tablet for all examinations. Students with disabilities can use their usual supporting software such as magnifying glasses and screen readers. This ensures equal treatment in the exam environment.

Your paper is automatically backed up. So you don't have to worry about a sudden power outage or forget to click Save before closing the document. WISEflow saves your work five times a minute and ensures that a local file is always available in the event of a network failure.

What possibilities does WISEflow offer me as a lecturer?

You can create exams, rate tasks and collect them on a single platform at any time and directly in the browser. With the Authoring Module, you can create interactive tests and exams, and you can activate video, audio, and helper applications in each question if you wish.

In the Assessment Module, you can read all submissions, comment on them, and give direct feedback on all submissions wherever and whenever you want. All you need is a computer or tablet with a web browser to manage the exams electronically.

With the electronic exam administration module, you can not only manage and set up digital exam processes, but also register students and automate the distribution of assignments and paper archiving.

Where can I get help with questions and problems?

For lecturerers the Taskforce for Digital Teaching at the University of Erfurt has set up a telephone hotline which can be contacted Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on +49 361/737-5055. A Webex room is also available during this time at (Attention: When entering the Webex room you will first be in the lobby. If necessary, please wait until you are unlocked.)

Students please use the forum in the moodle room UEDiStu for their questions.

Task Force Digital Teaching (contact persons)
Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt – Vice President for Academic Affairs