Registered students who wish to continue their studies in the following semester at the University of Erfurt must re-register within the deadlines set by the University of Erfurt.

Matriculation certificates

You can get the certificate on the websites of  E.L.V.I.S.

Re-registration periods

New re-registration periods from 2022:

For the summer semester:
1 January to 15 February

for the winter semester:
1 June to 15 July

Re-registration procedure

The amount of fees and contributions to be paid for re-registration will be sent to each student's e-mail account ( before the re-registration deadline!

The re-registration is considered to be completed as soon as the amount valid for the semester has been received on the University of Erfurt's account in due time and there are no further blocks on the re-registration.

You will be notified of the completed re-registration by e-mail.  After this, the current matriculation certificate is available for retrieval in the E.L.V.I.S.. Holders of a student card (THOSKA) must validate it in the designated machines before the start of the new semester (imprint of the new validity period). Without the new imprint, the thoska will lose its validity at the end of the current semester.

Late re-registration

The date of receipt of the money on the University of Erfurt account is decisive for re-registration on time and NOT the order date of the transfer. In order to meet the re-registration deadline, bank transit times must be observed accordingly, i.e. the transfer must be made in good time (a few days before the end of the re-registration period!).

Please note that even in the case of a real-time transfer, a bank transit time must be planned for, especially if it is at the weekend or on public holidays.

In the event of late receipt of funds, a late fee of 20 Euros will be charged. This fee is based on the General Fee Regulations of the University of Erfurt.

Re-registration after last examination performance

A re-registration must be made for the semester in which the last examination or study performance is completed.  

Submission of the last performance by 30.09 --> no re-registration required for the winter semester
Submission of the last performance as of 01.10. --> re-registration required for the winter semester

Re-registration is not required for the assessment of your thesis or for the awarding of your degree certificate.

However, if your degree certificate is not awarded until the following semester, the Thuringian Higher Education Act allows you to re-register for a further semester and remain enrolled there until the end of the semester.

Bank details

(exclusively for semester contributions)

Recipient: University of Erfurt
IBAN: DE22 8205 0000 3001 1112 71
Bank: Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen

Reason for payment:
for students: Matriculation number, surname, first name

Only a correctly filled in transfer form enables the correct allocation of the semester contribution! The reason for payment must be stated as required - even if other persons (e.g. parents) are making the payment.

This bank account is not to be used for the transfer of the doctoral fee! The bank details required for this can be obtained from the Deanery responsible in each case.