University of Erfurt Discovery Days - A taste of University life!

The discovery days at the University of Erfurt mean experiencing "studying up close". Within a week (on as many days as you like) you can attend selected courses (lectures or seminars) and get a taste of campus life.

The primary aim is certainly not to understand the subject matter presented, but rather to gain an impression of what "studying" means.

Take advantage of the taster course and get to know the campus and the university's facilities, talk to lecturers and students and find out about our range of courses on site. In short: form your own impression!

We look forward to your visit next year!

Program of the discovery days

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Have you decided to attend one or more of the selected courses during the discovery days? Great! We are looking forward to your visit!

Everything different at the university? Not everything, but of course there are differences to the school and therefore you might have questions about the course of the taster days, the study, the university...
First rule: Just ask! Our student advisory service, our study advisors and our student campus specialists are always happy to help with advice and support.

Do I have to register for the discovery days and for the individual courses?

Prior registration is not necessary for attending courses on the discovery days.
However, we would like to prepare your visit in the best possible way and provide you with the important information in advance, so we recommend that you register in advance. Online registration

Registration at the information point on campus

At our information point in the glass box at the main entrance you can get information about all offers and dates during the taster days from 9.30 am - 4 pm (Friday until 2 pm). There you will receive your welcome bag and your taster day pass, which you can use to eat in the cafeteria at student prices.

Do I have to participate in the discovery days the whole week?

No, you can decide for yourself whether you want to attend courses on one day only or on several days. With an entire taster week, we can offer you the widest possible selection of subjects and suitable courses.

Where can I find suitable courses?

Not every course is suitable for trial participation. For this reason, our departments recommend that you attend selected events which we have compiled for you in the program overview.

Program of the discovery days

When do the courses begin and end?

Courses begin 15 minutes after the time indicated, colloquially known as the "academic quarter", and end 15 minutes before the time indicated.

In exceptional cases you will find the indication "s.t.". (sin tempore, translated: "without time"). These events take place punctually at the time indicated.

The times are often indicated with the Latin additions "c.t.". (cum tempore, translated: "with time"). For the sake of clarity, however, this information is not given in everyday university life.

What is actually a lecture and what is a seminar?

You will quickly notice in the course catalogue that there are different types of courses at a university - lectures, seminars and exercises/tutorials. During the discovery days you will have the opportunity to attend mainly lectures and seminars. In a lecture, a lecturer gives a lecture in 90 minutes, while the students sit in the lecture hall and listen and take notes. The situation is different for seminars. There, a small group of students deals with the subject matter in discussions, presentations or working groups. Exercises/tutorials accompany the other courses and are not suitable as taster courses.

With how many people can I attend a course?

You are welcome to attend our courses alone or with friends. Sometimes it is easier to explore new things together. However, please do not participate in larger groups.

We will be happy to arrange an individual appointment for groups of the same size. Please contact:

How do I get to the university and how do I find my way around there?

The University of Erfurt is a campus university, i.e. with a few exceptions (Audimax in the Alte Parteischule, Faculty of Art, Music and Theology), all facilities, teaching buildings and staff offices are located on the campus at Nordhäuser Straße 63. The campus is easy to reach by public transport or by car.

Information on arrival

The digital campus maps and the site maps on site will help you to find your way around. You can already get to know the campus in a virtual tour.

Virtual Tour of the University of Erfurt

When you register at our information point, you will also receive a campus map, among other things.

More questions than answers after a lecture?

Don't put yourself under pressure. During the discovery days, you will attend regular courses that are already being taken by the students for the whole semester. Therefore, your own claim for attending the taster course should not be to be able to understand all the contents covered in the course. Rather, the aim is to attend a real course and gain a first impression of university life.

Individual consultation

  • Do you have questions about the study contents of individual subjects? Please contact our study advisors (contact details on the study programme pages).
    Course of studies A-Z
  • Would you like to find out more about admission to studies, enrolment, change of degree program or possible combinations? Our General Student Advisory Service is at your disposal.
    General Student Advisory Service
  • You want to know which fields of study you can combine? Then start Studimat.
  • Would you like to learn more about the University of Erfurt, studying and the university location? Ask our student campus specialists or the representatives of the student councils of your chosen degree course about their experiences.
    Campus specialists
    Student Council

Contact persons

(University Communications)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Room 1.29
Anne Zimmermann
Student advice and counselling
(Department 1: Registrar‘s Office)
Verwaltungsgebäude / first floor (front entrance)
Office hours
in person: Mondays to Thursdays 12-15 p.m. and by appointment

by telephone: Monday to Friday 9-11:30 a.m.