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Cataloguing the Post-Reformation Manuscripts from the Legacy of the Theologians Johann and Johann Ernst Gerhard in the Gotha Research Library

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The cataloguing of the post-Reformation manuscripts from the legacy of the theologians Johann (1582-1637) and Johann Ernst Gerhard (1621-1668) makes the central collection on central German Protestantism and the scholarly culture of the late 16th and 17th Century available for research for the first time. The source corpus consists of a total of 203 manuscript volumes in the Gotha Research Library is an addition to the already developed Reformation manuscripts from the core of  the high-profile Gotha collection on the cultural history of Protestantism in Early Modern Europe. The legacy of the two theologians was acquired in 1678 under Duke Friedrich I of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (reigned from 1675 to 1691) for the Ducal Library of Gotha. This corresponded to the systematic acquisition policy of the Gotha ducal house to legitimize it as a "guardian of Lutheranism" to support its theologically Lutheran self-understanding, as Gotha had sought to establish itself already in the 17th Century as an early Reformation Research Centre.

Because of the development of the still almost unknown traditional corpus, new interest can be expected in the historical-theological study of Lutheranism and the reception of Luther, in the humanities, ideas, education, university, college, and political historical approaches as well as in the history of early modern scholarly culture.

The description of the manuscript volumes is implemented according to the guidelines for the development of legacies and autographs (RNA). The results are continuously entered into the manuscript database HANS of the Gotha Research Library, an entry in the central legacy and autographs portal Kalliope is provided. After completion of the project, the results will be made available in a printed catalogue.

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Matthias Hoë von Hoënegg (electoral Saxon court preacher)

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