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Blick auf Skulptur vor dem Seiteneingang des Verwaltungsgebäudes der Universität Erfurt

We consider sustainability to be an important matter. This pertains not only to our teaching, but also to everyday life on campus. The university’s leadership has therefore taken key steps such as participating in the competition for the environmentally-friendly label “ECOPROFIT”, which the UE again received in 2010. Another step is the continued restructuring of our procurement system to purchase more sustainable items. For several years, our students have taken part in the Sustainability Task Force, which not only sells earth-friendly writing utensils and Fair Trade products but has also organized a general education coursce on sustainability since 2007, to date attended by more than 300 students from every academic field at the university. In this course, students cooperate with partner organizations outside the university to organize hands-on projects and thereby hone work-related skills. This seminar was recognized in 2010 as an official project of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

Claudia Behnke, last update: 3.12.2018



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