University of Erfurt


The Perthes Collection was originally a working tool aligned with the interests of the publishing house. Until now, the collection did not have the protection, organisation or indexing that is required for academic use and presentation to the public.

The holdings were collated over the course of two centuries in the absence of conservational guidance and, as is clear from the current projects, were constantly being re-arranged. Dust and dirt, exposure to fine dust particles, mechanical damage, paper degradation and weaknesses in the organisational system resulted in the Collection being unusable when it was first taken over in 2003.

Thus, a comprehensive action plan has seen strategies for the preservation of the holdings, primary indexing and advertising of the Perthes Collection being developed and subsequently implemented through a wide range of projects carried out from 2006 onwards. Further information about the ongoing Archive of the Publishing House, Copper Plates and “Globalisation and Local Knowledge” projects, as well as on the projects that have been completed such as Preservation of Holdings and Primary Indexing and Map Cleaning, is provided on the following pages.

By 2015, the Map Collection, the Library of the Publishing House, the historical Archive of the Publishing House (1785–1953) and the Copper Plates holdings are to be safeguarded and recorded in databases that will be accessible online, so that they are available to academics and the public without restriction.



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