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Theological research seminar

The Theological Research College at the University of Erfurt, which is connected to the Catholic Theological Faculty, was opened in 2009. It offers young scientists the opportunity to work on their doctoral or postdoctoral theses in a junior research group and thus in a team situation. These focus strongly on transformation processes of church, faith and theology in the past and present. Together with professors from various theological disciplines, work is carried out on relevant issues in colloquia, conferences and guest lectures. Fellows from Germany and abroad are given the opportunity to pursue their own research projects in the Theological Research College. Great importance is attached to communication between all actors.
Erfurt is a particularly suitable location for such a research college. The situation of faith and church in a strongly secularized society challenges theological research to question accustomed patterns of thought and to search for new ways of theological argumentation. The university, which is oriented towards the humanities and cultural studies, offers an excellent scientific environment with its Religious Studies, the Martin Luther Institute, the Max Weber College and the university focus "Society - Religion - World Relations" as well as a Catholic theology which cooperates in many ways with other disciplines in research and teaching. Neighbouring Protestant theological faculties and various church contacts and institutions, which are particularly open to the challenges of the Christian faith today, create ideal conditions for such a college in the middle of Germany.

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