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Scott Moore: Gast-Doktorand

Universität Erfurt

Theologisches Forschungskolleg

Postfach 900 221

99105 Erfurt


Baptismal Remembrance: Forming Christian Identity in Diaspora Contexts

Martin Luther's understanding of baptism is one of the significant driving forces of his theology. It forms the basis for Christian identity, and he emphasized a daily remembrance of this ontologically transforming reality. Throughout history, particularly in recent years among some churches within the Lutheran tradition, there has been a growing awareness of liturgies of baptismal remembrance. This study will take a look at the baptismal theology of Martin Luther and the idea of "remembering" one's own baptism as an act of Christian identity formation. The history, development, and ritual expressions of liturgies of baptismal remembrance will also be addressed. Finally, this project will investigate the significance of these learnings in light of diaspora contexts. The two primary contexts will serve as case studys of how Christian identity in such minority contexts might be formed through such ritual encounters. These contexts are the former East Germany and the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States.

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