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Book launch: Architectural Resonance

3. Jul 2023, 5.00 pm
Steinplatz 2 (former research building 2)
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The Max-Weber-Kolleg invites you to the book presentation "Architectural Resonance. The Mausoleum of Indian Sufi-Master Shah Vajihudin Alvi" by Dr. Sara Keller. Participants on the panel are Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa and Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik.



Buildings embody people and ideas: what if this common metaphor were more than a rhetorical device? Dr. Sara Keller discusses the thesis that architecture can be intentionally designed to create a resonance between a built space and a living being.

In her new publication, Dr. Sara Keller has analysed the Indian mausoleum of the Sufi master Shāh Vajihudin (16th century). The study shows that the building was planned as an image of Shāh Vajihudin's identity and thus perceived as the Sufi scholar's stone incarnation.

Sara Keller
Architektonische Resonanz
Das Mausoleum des indischen Sufi-Meisters Shah Vajihudin Alvi
Schnell & Steiner publishing house, 2023
ISBN: 978-3-7954-3819-7
80 pages
16 EUR


To attend, please register by emailing Sara Keller by June 26.

Junior Fellow
(Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies)
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