9. Jun 2022, 1.30 pm | Campus Gotha, Research

is cancelled: FactGrid Coffee Talk - Genealogie im FactGrid – mehr als nur Väter und Mütter

FactGrid Coffee Talk
Olaf Simons (Forschungszentrum Gotha)
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Attention: This event of the FactGrid Coffee Talk series is cancelled. There will be a final summary session on 16 June.

What came after Robinson Crusoe’s first edition? EniTree Visualisation

FactGrid information can be complexly integrated into external projects. Two FactGrid browsing tools are available. However, completely different tools can also be thought of.

The EntiTree app developed by Orlando Groppo and Martin Schibel proves to be surprisingly versatile, making genealogies visible in several languages in a convenient way. What is exciting is that the EntiTree app can also be used to display completely different genealogical relationships.

About the event series

The University of Erfurt invited us to organise an online coffee-talk series on FactGrid as a collaborative research platform in the coming summer semester. We have selected nine main topics. The events are meant to be short and made for the lunch break to take a peek. Get inspired. We offer a 15-minute exploration with an open Q&A session in each case.

You can obtain the link to the event by sending an e-mail to olaf.simons@uni-erfurt.de


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(Gotha Research Centre)
Forschungszentrum Gotha (Gotha, Schloßberg 2)