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Feedback in der (Online-)Lehre

eTEACH-Netzwerks Thüringen
Sabine Vana-Ströhla
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Members of the Thuringian universities

A training offer of the eTEACH Network Thuringia. Dates: Tuesday, 9.11.2021, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m., 2 units online seminar, until 16.11.2021 submission of case study, 2 units self-learning phase, individual evaluation by the lecturer, Tuesday, 23.11.2021, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m., 2 units online seminar with short evaluation of the self-learning phases, until 30.11.2021 submission of transfer, 1 unit self-learning phase concrete transfer into own working environment, feedback from the lecturer.

An important part of the learning process is the feedback given by teachers to students on their performance or lack of performance. It is part of the daily tasks of teachers to assess examinations and theses, to assign grades in examinations, to write comments on written documents or to examine students at the blackboard. With the help of targeted feedback, teachers give learners feedback on their learning progress. All feedback, intentionally or unintentionally, involves a sensitive and usually emotional area of interpersonal communication. Teachers want to give this in the most helpful, encouraging and supportive way possible. The seminar deals with the question: How can this succeed? Contents: In this training, participants reflect on their own and others' conversation practices and thus deepen their understanding and application of different thinking and communication styles. They receive tools to get feedback and to give appreciative feedback. By linking case studies from their own work environment with models and methods from communication psychology, participants learn to understand feedback situations and to avoid misunderstandings.

Competence level: A2 | B1 | C1

Instructor: Sabine Vana-Ströhla (Communication Training & Intercultural Sensitisation)

About the network

The eTeach Network Thuringia is an association of the state colleges and universities in Thuringia for the cooperative further development of digitally enriched higher education teaching. The focus is on supporting the profitable use of the opportunities of digitalisation for higher education teaching and efficiently mastering its challenges.

For teachers at Thuringian universities and colleges, the eTeach network offers user-oriented qualification formats, promotes cooperative impulse projects and focuses on networking in Thuringia and throughout Germany. The TMWWDG is financing the expansion of the eTeach network with funds from the "Zukunftsvertrag Studium und Lehre stärken" (Strengthening future contract for studies and teaching) and is integrating the project into the state's digitisation strategy.

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