30. May 2022, 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm | Faculty of Philosophy, Studies, Events

Globaler Flüchtlingsschutz und aktuelle Krisensituationen – Gedanken zu Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätzen

Lecture hall 2, KIZ
lecture series: "War of Information"
University of Erfurt, FunkeMedien Thuringia and Thuringian State Parliament
Katharina Lumpp
Event type
University lecture

Guest lecture by Katharina Lumpp as part of the joint lecture series "War of Information" in the summer semester 2022 by the University of Erfurt, FunkeMedien Thüringen and the Thuringian Parliament. Entrance to the event from 6 p.m.

Wars are also propaganda battles. The truth dies first. In the current war in Ukraine, the media repeatedly feel compelled to point to the unverifiability of news. The information war is therefore the focus of this semester's lecture series. It is about false information (so-called fake news) as well as propaganda or manipulated images.

The speaker at the opening event, Katharina Lumpp, has been the German head of the refugee agency UNHCR since January 2021. Previously, she worked in regional offices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Afghanistan, Egypt and Turkey. She also headed the Office for Refugee Protection in Amman.