11. Jan 2022, 9.00 am - 3.30 pm | Internal service, Service

H5P in der Lehre

eTEACH-Netzwerks Thüringen
Anja Hager
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Members of the Thuringian universities

A training offer of the eTEACH network Thuringia.

H5P is a software for creating interactive learning content that can be integrated into Moodle via an interface. For example, H5P can be used to integrate quizzes into videos, design digital flashcards or develop entire interactive learning packages. In this course, participants learn how to create this interactive learning content and how to use it didactically in their teaching. They learn what possibilities H5P offers for digital support of teaching and, if they wish, they can develop their own H5P learning package on the basis of their own material, which can be meaningfully embedded in teaching. Contents: Getting to know different interactive learning formats with H5P, integrating H5P content in the Moodle room, creating interactive elements (e.g. animations, videos, flashcards) and learning packages, didactically meaningful use of H5P in teaching.

Competence level: A2 (B1)

Anja Hager (research assistant at the Continuing Education Centre for Higher Education Teaching at the University of Bayreuth: supervision of the certificate programme "Promoting Teaching-Learning Processes with Digital Resources" and instructional designer for the creation of MOOCs)

About the network

The eTeach Network Thuringia is an association of the state colleges and universities in Thuringia for the cooperative further development of digitally enriched higher education teaching. The focus is on supporting the profitable use of the opportunities of digitalisation for higher education teaching and efficiently mastering its challenges.

For teachers at Thuringian universities and colleges, the eTeach network offers user-oriented qualification formats, promotes cooperative impulse projects and focuses on networking in Thuringia and throughout Germany. The TMWWDG is financing the expansion of the eTeach network with funds from the "Zukunftsvertrag Studium und Lehre stärken" (Strengthening future contract for studies and teaching) and is integrating the project into the state's digitisation strategy.

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