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History of transformation in the past and present

27. Jun 2024, 6.00 pm
Coelicum, Domstraße 10 (Eingang über Totentreppe)
research network „Diktaturerfahrung und Transformation“
Dr Christoph Lorke
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lecture as part of the research network „Diktaturerfahrung und Transformation“ (Dictatorship Experience and Transformation)

Dr Christoph Lorke will present his research on the GDR and the transformation period under the title "Transformation history in memory and present". He will shed light on the continuing presence of memory and the historical examination of these memories over the past 30 years. He will emphasise the need for a self-critical examination and an inventory of the culture of remembrance in Germany.

Christoph Lorke will address the "blind" spots in the process of coming to terms with the past, in particular with regard to group-related misanthropy, the resulting violence and active forgetting, in contrast to experiences of dictatorship, economic decline and loss narratives, and the supposed solutions provided by chauvinism, populism and right-wing extremism. He will also discuss key questions such as "How can we understand the upheaval of 1989/90?" and what relevance these insights have for today.

We invite all interested parties to attend this event and actively participate in the subsequent discussion. The lecture offers an opportunity to grasp the complexity of the history of transformation and to understand the importance of a reflective culture of remembrance.