Faculty of Catholic Theology, Religion, Society, and World Relations

"In Frieden lasst uns beten zum Herrn". Friedensgebet in der Orthodoxie

24. Jan 2023, 7.00 pm
Lecture Series "In Zeiten des ‚Heißen‘ Krieges: Von der Tugend und Not des Gebets um Frieden"
Professorships in Liturgical Studies at the Catholic Theological Faculties of the Universities of Erfurt and Tübingen
Yauheniya Danilovich (Münster)
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Lecture by Yauheniya Danilovich (Münster) as part of the digital lecture series "In Zeiten des ‚Heißen‘ Krieges: Von der Tugend und Not des Gebets um Frieden".

About the lecture series

In view of the war in Ukraine, but also of many other armed conflicts worldwide, prayers for peace are gaining new importance in the Christian churches as well as in other religious traditions. In a digital lecture series, theologians from different denominations and other interlocutors explore the question of what peace prayer means today in the midst of a secular and plural society: How does theology explain these prayers? What forms of (communal and worship) peace prayer are there today? To what development and thus history do services of worship specifically dedicated to the cause of peace go back? How do liturgy and ethics, but also liturgy and politics relate to each other? What role does ecumenism play? To what extent are these prayers open to non-Christians and non-believers? The lectures ask about a ritual form of religious commitment to peace in the midst of a society that defines itself in secular terms.

The lecture series is organized by the professorships for liturgical studies at the Faculties of Catholic Theology of the Universities of Erfurt and Tübingen and is held in cooperation with the academies of the Dioceses of Erfurt and Rottenburg-Stuttgart.


The lectures take place every Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. - as a digital format that you can follow via the Youtube channel "Uni Erfurt live". The 30-minute input in each case is followed by a discussion round.

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