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Mikas Wunsch – Medienerzieherischen Herausforderungen vor dem Hintergrund der Kinderrechte systemisch begegnen

31. May 2023, 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Lernwerkstatt (Audimaxgebäude, AMG) (C01)
Bildung durch Demokratie
Clara von der Heydt
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Workshop with Clara von der Heydt as part of the series "Bildung durch Demokratie" (Education through Democracy).

Digital media are part of young people's lives and fulfill a variety of functions, and not just in the context of learning. Tablets, smartphones and the like are true all-rounders and offer hundreds of possibilities and opportunities. For good reasons, children have a right to access digital media and to participate in the (digital) world. But at the same time, educators have a responsibility and know: Not everything is rosy online; adolescents are exposed to risks that are not to be despised! This is unsettling and often causes stress.

From the perspective of children's rights, children have the right to both participation and protection. So what can be done? This workshop is about how to meet media educational challenges in a structured way. The focus will be on the child as an individual, and his or her rights to protection, participation and support will be considered together. In this way, concrete options for action can be found that fit children and pedagogical work contexts and at the same time enable them to grow up safely with media.


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