13. Jan 2021, 9.00 am - 8.00 pm | Faculty of Catholic Theology, Events, Veranstaltungen

Study day "Christen - Juden - Gesellschaft. Perspektiven für Gegenwart und Zukunft"

Theological faculty Jena
"Neun Jahrhunderte jüdisches Leben in Thüringen"
Theological faculties Erfurt & Jena
Kathy Ehrensperger/Potsdam, Manuel Vogel/Jena, Gabriel Strenger/Jerusalem, Corinna Dahlgrün/Jena, Frederek Musall/Heidelberg, Julia Knop/Erfurt, Marion Reiser/Jena, Michael Wermke/Jena, Bertram Schmitz/Jena, Michal Fuchs/Halle, Alexander Nachama/Erfurt, Benedikt Kranemann/Erfurt, Claudia Bargfeld/Erfurt, Daniel Bender/Erfurt, Zsolt Balla/Leipzig
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Joint study day of the Faculty of Theology Jena and the Faculty of Catholic Theology Erfurt.

Erfurt Bible
Erfurt Bible

Embedded in the theme year "Neun Jahrhunderte Jüdisches Leben in Thüringen", the public study day of the Theological Faculties of Erfurt and Jena on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 is dedicated to Christian-Jewish dialogue and questions of Jewish life in Germany today.

In the morning (9:00-13:00), lectures by Christian and Jewish theologians will question the status of the Christian-Jewish dialogue from different perspectives.

In the afternoon (14:00-17:00) workshops will focus on Jewish-Christian practice.

The day will conclude with an evening panel discussion (18:00-20:00) on the question: "Jewish life in Germany: aspired to, achieved or lost 'normality'?

The increase in anti-Semitic violence and agitation in recent years is well known and obvious. During the joint study day of the Faculty of Catholic Theology Erfurt and the Faculty of Protestant Theology Jena, a high-ranking panel will discuss what this situation means for Jewish life in Germany. What challenges and perspectives arise for non-Jewish and Jewish citizens alike?

Contact: Prof. Dr. Hannes Bezzel/ University of Jena