27. Sep 2022 | Faculty of Philosophy, Education, School, and Behaviour, Research

Unterrichtsqualität in schulischen Fremdsprachen

University of Erfurt (Nordhäuser Str. 63 Erfurt)
Universität Erfurt and Universität Regensburg
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Symposium on the topic of quality foreign language teaching. The event will take place at the University of Erfurt and is jointly organised by Dr Viviane Lohe, Prof. Dr Petra Kirchhoff (both University of Erfurt) and Dr Alfred Lindl (University of Regensburg).

What constitutes quality foreign language teaching? What are the characteristics of good teaching and which ones prove to be effective in terms of teaching target criteria? Are these criteria generic or subject-specific?

With this conference, we would like to establish and advance the discourse in the field of foreign language didactics and hope to receive numerous theoretical and empirical contributions on the topic of teaching quality in foreign languages at school.

Further information on the content of the conference can be found in the Call for Papers [in German].

Call for Papers [in German]

Scientific presentations with a duration of 20 minutes (plus 10 minutes discussion) can be submitted as contributions. For this purpose, please submit an exposé of your contribution via e-mail by Wednesday, 15.06.2022 at the latest.

Information on the requirements and contact details can be found in the Call for Papers.

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Conference Fees and Conference Dinner

As the symposium is sponsored by the German Society for Foreign Language Research (DGFF), participation in the conference is free of charge for all speakers and interested parties. To get in the mood for the symposium, a conference dinner will be held on the evening before, 26 September 2022 from 7 pm. The costs for this will amount to approx. 50 euros and are to be paid by the participants themselves. When registering for the symposium (by 5 September at the latest), please indicate whether you will be attending the conference dinner.


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