13. Jan 2022 - 14. Jan 2022 | Faculty of Philosophy, Knowledge, Spaces, and Media, Research, Events

Workshop: "Freiwilligkeit in Zeiten der Pandemie"

online (on WebEx)
research group "Freiwilligkeit"
Constanze Rossmann, Paula Stehr, Cornelia Betsch
Event type
university public

The research group "Freiwilligkeit" (Voluntariness) at the University of Erfurt is entering phase 2 and the year 2022 is themed "Transdisciplinarity". In workshops and guest lectures, the researchers will broaden their perspectives on voluntarism and seek exchange with other disciplines such as communication studies or psychology, as well as with different areas of history, sociology and philosophy.

For the kick-off in January 2022, the team will enter into the current discussion on "Voluntariness in Times of Pandemics". There will be talks and lectures with Professor Constanze Rossmann and Dr Paula Stehr (both Communication Sciences, LMU Munich) and Professor Cornelia Betsch (University of Erfurt).

The workshop will take place digitally, please see the flyer for details on the programme. All interested parties are cordially invited. Please register with the research group "Voluntariness" by sending an email to fg.freiwilligkeit@uni-erfurt.de. After registration you will receive both the meeting link and the texts for the event.