Equal opportunity advisory board

The Advisory Board (Gleichstellungsbeirat) advises the Equal Opportunities Officer on the implementation of equal opportunities for women and men at the University of Erfurt. Every three years it submits a proposal to the Senate for the election of the Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputy. The members of the advisory board are:

  • the central equal opportunities officer of the university (chair and her deputy)
  • the equal opportunity officers of the faculties and the Max Weber College and their deputies
  • the elected members, i.e. two representatives each from the following groups: professors, academic staff, science support staff and students.

Every three years, two university lecturers, two members of the academic staff and two members of the science support staff are elected. Two students are elected for one year. Voting takes place within the respective status group parallel to the elections for the Senate. Re-election is permitted. (§ 23 ThürHG, § 18 paragraph GO).

Faculty equal opportunity officers are elected by the faculty council or the collegiate council for a period of two years. Re-election is possible. (§ 10 paragraph 5 GO).

Funding of projects

The Equal Opportunities Advisory Board (Gleichstellungsbeirat) funds up to three projects by young female researchers and projects on gender issues from the budget of the Equal Opportunities Officer.  As a rule, projects are supported up to an amount of 300 €.

Funding has so far been provided for:

  • International workshops and conferences
  • Guest lectures
  • Book Publications 
  • Printing costs for flyers and posters

Informal applications, including details of the concept, cooperation partners and target groups, as well as a list of total costs and, if applicable, other sponsors, can be submitted to the Equal Opportunities Office on an ongoing basis.