Senate Commission for Information Technology and Digital Processes

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The commission makes recommendations on all IT matters of fundamental importance for the entire university, including in particular:

  • advising on questions of digitisation in research and teaching, especially with regard to the technical and infrastructural framework conditions,
  • support and advice on the introduction and operation of information systems and the digitisation of business processes at the University of Erfurt, and
  • fundamental questions of data protection and data security.

The Commission for Information Technology and Digital Processes shall meet on a rotational basis once or twice per semester.


30.09.2022 (whereby the representatives from the group of students are newly appointed every year)


the Vice-President for Academic Affairs (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt

four representatives from the group of professors

  • Prof. Dr. Dominik Maltritz (Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences)
  • Prof. Dr. Kai Brodersen (Faculty of Philosophy)
  • Prof. Dr. Maria Widl (Faculty of Catholic Theology)
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Bauer (Faculty of Education)

one representative from the group of academic employees
Dr. Elisabeth Begemann

and a representative from the student group
Lea Schäfer-Fuß

one representative from the group of employees in Technology and Administration
Margrit Elsner

the Head of Administration
N.N. (Commissioner Head of Administration: Christian Schellhardt)

the Head of the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) (advisory)
Frank Trefflich

the Director of the University Library (advisory)
Gabor Kuhles

the Head of the Department  of Studies and Teaching (advisory)
Bernhard Becher

The Data Protection Officer shall attend the meetings in an advisory capacity. Consultative experts may be called in.

The managing directors of the faculties and the MWK are invited as permanent guests of the commission. They may be represented as guests in the commission by a person appointed by the Faculty or College Council.


Sabine Adamy-Kühne
Staff member of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
(University of Erfurt)