Gigamove: Sending large files


Gigamoveis a service (of RWTH Aachen University) for the exchange of large files. You log in with your university login and can upload files up to 100 GB. The exchange partner will receive an e-mail from you with the link to pick up the files.

Files which are larger than 100 GB must be split into smaller file packages.

Functionality of Gigamove

Select your organization


  • enter your user name and your user password (not your mail adress!)
  • go to "login"


  • after successful registration you can now choose if you want to request or provide a file
  • with "provide file" you can:
    • upload a file (max. 100 GB)
    • protect the file with a password
    • provide the download link with an expiry date
    • set a notification for file retrieval
  • with "Request a file" you can:
    • make a comment
    • have a request link generated
  • Files are automatically deleted (default: provision 7 days, max. 14 days)
  • Log off when closing the browser or automatically after 2 hours

Unfortunately, Shibboleth currently does not allow active logout, which means that you cannot log yourself out of the system. Therefore, you should not use Shibboleth secured services on publicly accessible computers or computers in Internet cafes.