Equipment rental

General information

The equipment rental includes notebooks, beamers, dictation machines and other devices. You should reserve equipment via the service office, because there is only a certain number of units available. You have to appear in person to borrow, extend loan periods or return equipment. If the borrower is unable to attend, he/she can give a written power of attorney to a representative.

Entitled to borrow:

  • Members and employees of the University of Erfurt
  • students of the University of Erfurt with a confirmation of the necessity from the lecturer (this applies only to notebooks, beamers and sound equipment)
  • University related associations (Lending must be authorised by the Chancellor of the University of Erfurt)
  • student communities (Lending must be approved by the dean)

General lending

Name Note
Notebook A borrowing slip is necessary for the loan
Projector A borrowing slip is necessary for the loan
Camcorder -
CD/DVD-Player -
Photo camera -
Tripods -
Microphone Wireless microphones only available via email
Presenter -
Adapter -
Dictation machines -

Equipment only avable via email

Name Note
Wireless microphone -
loudspeaker -
projection screen -
Visualizer A borrowing slip is necessary for the loan