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Facebook, Twitter & Co.: The University of Erfurt and the Social Networks

A university is a complex institution. We therefore try to keep our students, both current and prospective, involved in every aspect of our research, university life, and community. 

In conjunction with our website, we also run blogs and can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Follow us and like us on:

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UniErfurt is our primary YouTube channel.

At UniCut you can find videos of the former University TV.

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Screenshot Twitter-Account der Universität Erfurt

Follow our Twitter-Account to get information about events, news, jobs, and stories.

Also follow our departments: 


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At XING we share job offers and news about personnel and research projects.

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On our Pinterest pinboards we do not only collect the most beautiful images from the stocks of the Gotha Research Library and the University of Erfurt Library, but also articles about people who once laid the foundation for our collections – and people working with it today. Get to know our buildings and discover a lot more about collections, books, maps, libraries, and archives.


We'd like to show you all the beautiful places at the campus and in Erfurt. Follow our Instagram-Account.

Also have a look at:


Screenshot Flickr-Account der Universität Erfurt

On Flickr you can find pictures of the university. Please respect our guidelines for use.

Have a look at the photos of our collections and research institutions.


We are interested in sharing stories about our students, alumni, lecturers, and researchers, and blogging is the perfect way to do so!

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Data Policy and Netiquette

Data Policy

The University of Erfurt does not use social media plugins on its website ( Nevertheless, we'd like to point out that networks like Facebook collect personal data when merely visiting the page, regardless if you are a member of the social network yourself.

The University of Erfurt has no influence on the collection of your data. Please refer to the Privacy Policy of the respective network.


We look forward to sharing and discussing with you our latest news and stories, but please understand that we will delete any post that is promotional, discriminatory and/or unreasonable in form or content.

Would you like to use our pages to reach our students and staff? Contact us in advance and we will try to find a solution. Our pages are not meant for advertising and we therefore ask for your understanding if we have to reject a request. 

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