University of Erfurt

Faculty of Catholic Theology

im Kreuzgang des Doms

The only school of Catholic theology located in what was formerly East Germany is particularly committed in its work to the challenges of today’s secularized society. The Research Center for Contemporary Church History examines the history of the Catholic Church in central Germany in the 20th century. The research focus “Minority – Mission – Migration” brings together research activities on topics of significance to the church and theology on a regional and international level. With its Intensive Theology master program, the school promotes particularly talented budding theologians. The school also closely cooperates with other schools and institutes in Europe and North America that work in similar cultural and social contexts.

Subjects within the Faculty of Catholic Theology

  •     Philosophy
  •     Ancient Church History, Patrology, and Eastern Church Studies
  •     Medieval and Contemporary Church History
  •     Old Testament Exegesis and Theology
  •     New Testament Exegesis and Theology
  •     Christian Social Science
  •     Fundamental Theology and Religion Studies
  •     Dogmatics
  •     Moral Theology and Ethics
  •     Liturgical Studies
  •     Pastoral Theology and Pedagogy of Religion
  •     Church Law
  •     Christian World View, Religious and Cultural Theory
  •     Lectorship for Ancient Languages
  •     Lectorship for Classical Hebrew



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