University of Erfurt

Faculty of Education

Studentin in Grundschule

The wide spectrum of degree programs at the Faculty of Education includes bachelor and master programs in education and psychology. A number of professional options beyond teaching are open to graduates of UE bachelor programs such as Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Technology, and Music Education.

Subjects within the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education comprises eleven subject areas, each of which includes several closely associated professors.

  • General Education and Empirical Research
    Professor for General Education, Professor for Empirical Research, Professor for Learning with New Media/Adulthood
  • Vocational Education Studies / On-the-job Training / Adult Education
    Professor for Vocational Education; Professor for Continuing Education/Adult Education; Education, Continuing Education, Labor Market
  • Protestant theology
    Professor for Biblical Studies, Professor for the Pedagogy of Religion
  • Primary School Education / Childhood Research
    Professor for Basic German Studies / Literary Language Learning, Professor for Pedagogy and Didactics of Basic Subject Lessons, Professor for Mathematics Didactics, Professor for Learning with New Media / Childhood and School, Junior Professor for Media for Children
  • Art
    Professor for Visual Art / Artistic Work, Professor for Art History / Art Theory, Professor for Art Didactics
  • Music
    Professor for Music
  • Psychology
    Professor for General and Training Psychology, Professor for Educational and Developmental Psychology, Professor for Pedagogical and Psychological Diagnostics and Differential Psychology, Professor for Social, Organizational, and Business Psychology
  • School pedagogy
    Professor for School Pedagogy and Primary School Pedagogy
  • Special Education and Social Pedagogy
    Professor for General Special Education, Education Problems and Integration Pedagogy, Professor for Pedagogy for the Mentally Disabled, Junior Professor for Pedagogy for Speech and Communication Disorders / Development of Language Fluency
  • Physical Education
    Professor for Sport Pedagogy / Exercise Pedagogy, Professor for Kinetics
  • Technical Studies and Industrial Development
    Professor for Didactics of Technology and Commercial-Technical Fields



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