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Faculty of Philosophy

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In the Faculty of Philosophy, various forms of culture and society are examined. Ways of life, literature, types of knowledge and media are all illuminated from the time of their creation to the modern day. The Communication Studies program is particularly successful, having been ranked among the top programs nationwide in the “ZEIT” rankings several times over.

Chairs and professorships

The school is comprised of the following chairs:

  • History
    European History / Ancient History; European History / Ancient Culture; European History / Modern and Contemporary History; Spatial History and Culture in Modern Times; Junior Professor for Knowledge Cultures of Modern Europe; Latin America and Southwest European History; North American History; West Asian History, Historical Anthropology
  • Media and Communication Studies
    Comparative Analysis of Media Systems and Communication Cultures; Media Integration; Social Communication; Empirical Communication Research and Methods
  • Literary Studies
    General and Comparative Literature; American Literature; English Literature; BA 3+1; Modern German Literature; Romance Literature; Slavic Literature
  • Philosophy
    History of Philosophy I; History of Philosophy II; Practical Philosophy; Theoretical Philosophy; Philosophy of Science
  • Religious studies
    General Religious Studies; Comparative Religious Studies; Islamic Studies; Jewish Studies; Protestant Theology / Cultural History of Christianity; Orthodox Christianity; Ancient Religious History (honorary professorship)
  • Linguistics
    Comparative Linguistics; Applied Linguistics; Psycholinguistics; German Linguistics; English Linguistics

The subject areas (philologies) English studies, German studies, Romance studies, and Slavic studies were set up along these same lines.

The professorship for European-Jewish literature and Cultural Studies (limited to March 31, 2015) and the professorship for Knowledge Cultures of Modern Europe are not assigned to any of the above mentioned areas.



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