University of Erfurt

Board of Trustees

Duties of the Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees makes recommendations on how the university can continue to enhance its profile, which areas to focus on in teaching and research, and how to further develop its academic programs. It is responsible for voting in and out the president and the chancellor. The Basic Order of the university, the structural and development plans, and the policies and provisions concerning the distribution of funding require decisions by the Board of Trustees, also taking the Senate’s opinion into account. The Board of Trustees delivers opinions before agreements on target and performance objectives are made with the ministry as well as on executive committee decisions according to par. 3(2), p. 2, no. 10 and on proposals according to par. 4 of the Thuringian Higher Education Law. In addition, the Executive Committee submits its annual report to the Board of Trustees.

Source: Grundordnung der Universität Erfurt

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