University of Erfurt

Prof. Dr. Frank Ettrich

Professor of Structural Analysis of Modern Societies at the Department of Law, Social Sciences and Economics

After completing his undergraduate degree (“Diplom”) and his doctorate in Sociology and Philosophy, Prof. Dr. Frank Ettrich received his habilitation in Sociology from the Humboldt University of Berlin in 1990. Beginning in 1994, he held the position of Chair of Structural Analysis of Modern Societies (Macrosociology) at the PH Erfurt (Pädagogische Hochschule), and since 2005, he has held this professorship at the University of Erfurt. From 2009 to 2012 he was the Director of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. Furthermore, Prof. Ettrich is the co-founder and regular contributor of the Berlin Journal for Sociology (Berliner Journals für Soziologie), one of five general sociological journals in Germany. Since the end of his DAAD long-term lectureship position at St. Petersburg State University from 2003-2005, Prof. Ettrich regularly teaches for the MA program “Studies in European Societies” in St. Petersburg.


Frank Ettrich’s research interests include sociological-comparative theories, transformation research, democratization and transformation processes in Eastern Europe as well as path dependency/theories of social change. As a member of the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt, he is also interested in the relationship between sociology and public policy.


Frank Ettrich primarily teaches BA and MA courses for law, economics, social sciences and public policy. He offers courses on topics such as the fundamentals of sociology, social structure analysis, Eastern Europe/Russia, macrosociological comparison, theories of social change, political sociology, and structures and transformation in East Germany for BA and MA programs at the Faculty of Law, Social Sciences and Economics.

Selected Publications

  • Ettrich, Frank/ Dietmar Herz (Hrsg.) (2018): Peter Glotz: Fechtmeister und Sänger. Opladen: Budrich Uni Press.
  • Ettrich, Frank/ Dietmar Herz (Eds.) (2015): Willy Brandt: Political Action and Democratization. Opladen: Budrich Uni Press.
  • Ettrich, Frank (2015): "The Research Program of Karl Marx. Divergence or Convergence with Max Weber”, in: Hans-Peter Müller/ Steffen Siegmund (Eds.): The History of Theory with Systematic Intention. The Discussion of Wolfgang Schluchter’s Foundations of Sociology. Tübingen: Mohr Verlag (in press).
  • Ettrich, Frank (2014): "Socialism and Social Questions", in: Hans-Peter Müller/ Steffen Siegmund (Eds.): Max Weber Handbook. Life - Work - Impact. Stuttgart/ Weimar: J.B.Metzler, pp.127-132.
  • Frank Ettrich, Moritz Brunn, Jan Hendrik Fahlbusch und Alexander Thumfart (Eds.) (2010): Transformation and Europeanization. Idiosyncrasies and (Inter)dependencies of Post-Socialist Change and European Integration. Berlin: Lit-Verlag, ca. 280 pages.
  • Ettrich, Frank (2005): The Other Modernity. Sociological Obituaries of State Socialism. Berlin: Verlag Berliner Debatte.



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