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"3G" rules from Wednesday also in the workplace

Last week, the federal government passed amendments to the Infection Protection Act and other laws. The new regulations include labour law and occupational health and safety measures that also affect employees at the University of Erfurt:

"3G" rules in the workplace
From Wednesday, 24 Novemver 2021, all employees must be vaccinated, recovered or tested in the workplace. Employers are responsible for checking this. For proof of vaccination and recovery, it is sufficient if the employer checks and documents them once. However, the employees themselves must have the proof ready to show in the event of an official inspection at the university.

Employees who are not considered vaccinated or recovered must show proof of testing on a daily basis. Employers are still obliged to provide at least two free tests per week. A corresponding demand survey is currently being conducted. For the remaining days, employees can, for example, fall back on the free citizenship tests. The antigen rapid tests may be a maximum of 24 hours old, PCR tests are valid for 48 hours.

At the University of Erfurt, the plan is for affected employees to use the self-test centre on campus (Audimax building in the wardrobe area) during the usual opening hours – and before they go to their office. The test time does not count as working time. The test centre is open from 7.30 to 10 a.m. on Mondays to Thursdays.

Please have your respective proof ready for a corresponding query on the part of the university.

Working at home
Under the new regulations, employers are obliged to offer their employees the opportunity to work in a home office, provided that their job is suitable for home office work. This applies, for example, to office work and comparable activities. In principle, employees must also accept the offer. However, employees have the option of refusing to work from home for reasons such as lack of space or distraction by children. Please discuss this with your respective superiors!

We are currently still in consultation on the detailed design and implementation of the new regulations. Please be patient for a little longer. You will receive further information soon.