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Setting up WebEx access

As announced, WebEx access can now be set up for members of the University of Erfurt. The licences ordered have been activated by the service provider T-Systems.

In this context, two more points: Access to the WebEx system must only be requested by those who wish to actively set up and conduct We-conferences, meetings, seminars, etc. Those who only want to participate in such events do not need their own access. This also applies to all other web conference systems (including DFNconf). An access to the WebEx system can only be set up for an e-mail address of the domain "@uni-erfurt.de". Lecturers who do not currently have such an e-mail address will receive one shortly.

The web conference service of the DFN "DFNConf" can be used by every employee and student of the University of Erfurt with their PC login (organizer login https://www.conf.dfn.de/)

The also announced tools BigBlueButton and Opencast will be integrated into the eLearning platform Moodle of the University of Erfurt. This means that only one access to Moodle is required for access. The BigBlueButton webinar system was made available yesterday. Trainings and learning videos are in preparation. The integration of Opencast into the e-learning platform Moodle will take place early next week.

Some technical information about video conferencing in general will be published on the URMZ website shortly.

If you have further questions about digital teaching, please send an e-mail to support.digitalelehre@uni-erfurt.de.