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Events should take place in digital form

With regard to the implementation of events (workshops, conferences and similar formats) in times of pandemic, the Presidium of the University of Erfurt has made the following decisions in addition to the infection protection concept for the period up to 31 July 2021:

The resolution in the wording:

  1. Events (workshops, conferences and similar formats) shall be held exclusively in digital form until further notice.
  2. The exceptional holding of an event in the sense of item 1 as a presence event is only permissible if the event must necessarily take place in this format and cannot be postponed to a later date.
  3. The conclusion of a rental/use agreement for external premises requires in this case the agreement of free cancellation deadlines and their timely utilisation, insofar as it is not foreseeable on the day before the deadline whether the event will be held as scheduled or if it is already certain at this time that the event must be cancelled. The binding booking of overnight accommodation for external persons (e.g. participants, speakers) by the university is generally out of the question.

The requirement to assert free cancellation deadlines in the event of uncertainty regarding the practicability of the attendance event at the time of expiry of the deadline and the exclusion of the booking of overnight accommodation for external persons do not apply if a cost assumption by third parties has been bindingly promised for the specific case and the prerequisites for this have been met. In case of doubt, the responsible department shall obtain a corresponding electronic confirmation from the third party before concluding the rental/use agreement or room booking.
The booking of overnight accommodation for external persons requires that the liability risk assumed by the university with the binding booking (with regard to possible damage) is transferred to the users of the rooms in question by means of a declaration of non-liability to be signed by them in good time before the expiry of the free cancellation periods. If this declaration is not signed, the booking of the room in question must be cancelled within the free cancellation period.