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Infection protection concept will be updated for the winter semester

Against the background of various requests, the infection protection concept of the University of Erfurt is currently being updated and will be published shortly.

One thing is certain: The implementation of the teaching from the University's study programmes as well as the introductory days in the winter semester 2020/21 will enjoy the highest priority as far as possible, as will the related administrative support. For this reason, the campus should be "kept free" of all other courses in attendance in the winter semester (during the lecture period and the STET).

In principle, workshops, conferences etc. should not take place on campus in the winter semester. Professorships and institutions wishing to organise workshops, conferences, guest lectures and events are requested to organise such events in external conference houses, event rooms - under the general and specific protection and hygiene regulations applicable there.

There is currently renewed discussion as to whether, in individual cases, premises of the University can be used for workshops outside of the lecture period, e.g. on Saturdays or in the period following the lecture period, or also off-campus (Domstraße, Steinplatz). The senat hall at the University will not be released for conferences/workshops etc. due to the difficult access by elevator.

In addition - in view of the great efforts which the University of Erfurt is making to cope with its own tasks under pandemic conditions - no rooms at the University are currently being rented or made available to external third parties (at least until the end of the winter semester). This also applies to partner institutions of the University.