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New information on emergency care during the Corona pandemic

The Department 2: Personnel of the University of Erfurt provides information on emergency care during the corona pandemic.

Since May 4, 2020, classroom instruction at Thuringian schools has begun in several delayed steps. From May 18, 2020, the transition from emergency care to limited regular operation will take place in the

daycare centers.

Currently, emergency care for members of the university is available as follows:

  •     working single parents (group A+)
  •     single parent students attending attendance classes (group A+) (only in day-care centres)
  •     pedagogical staff who carry out face-to-face or digital teaching, and students who participate in this (group B) à only if the other parent is also entitled to emergency care!
  •     Parents of children who are about to start school and their siblings (Group C) (only in day-care centres)
  •     Parents of children with special support needs (Group C) (only in day-care centres)
  •     other parent group A+

As a rule, emergency care can only be used for children up to grade 6 and only if no other care is available (the latter does not apply to group B).

The certificate for the teaching staff is issued by the respective dean's office on request. For students, the certificate of enrolment is sufficient. For single parents, a credible account of their life situation is usually sufficient. A confirmation of regular employment may be required (e.g. by presenting the employment contract). It is usually not necessary to involve the employer.

The management of the school or day care centre or the day care person decides on admission to emergency care. Complaints are handled by the state school or youth welfare offices.

In addition, the current Thuringian "SARS-CoV-2-Maßnahmenfortentwicklungsverordnung" of May, 12  regulates, among other things, the following Emergency care for children in the respective day-care facility will end with the start of the restricted regular operation of the facility, at the latest by  June, 15, 2020 (§ 7 section 2).

The modified attendance lessons at the schools will gradually be extended to additional groups of pupils. From 2 June 2020 at the latest, all pupils are to be included in the modified attendance lessons. The school management shall decide on the concrete steps of expansion on its own responsibility and in coordination with the responsible school authorities, taking into account the concept of the TMBJS (§ 8 section. 2).