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Pub crawl cancelled

Due to the current corona situation, the students of the University of Erfurt have cancelled the traditional pub crawl during the introductory days of studies as a precaution.

The reason for this is that the incidence value had already risen to over 30 last week. In a letter to the students, the initiators declare: "At the moment, it is not a question of who is more right or which legal regulations are tolerable. It's about keeping infection rates low in order to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings, to keep the university running and to prevent Erfurt from going into a lockdown. It is of no use to anyone if we get carried away during the introductory days of the course or meet in large groups and catch the virus in the process. Of course, we want our first-time students to be well received, to be able to make contacts and make connections. But we urge you not to use this cancellation to meet other groups and set off together. Of course you can meet - but make sure you take the necessary precautions. Also use our other offers to show the first-time students the city and the campus or to get to know each other. Watch out for each other!