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Rooms for attendance courses in the winter semester

In a letter, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs at the University of Erfurt, Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt, addressed the lecturers again today - with further information on the start of the lectures. The letter in the wording...

Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt
Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt

Dear teachers,

in the course of this afternoon, the rooms for the attendance events designated by the deaneries will be published in the course catalogue. The allocation of rooms was made according to the following priorities:

  • weekly first semester courses
  • weekly courses according to registered space requirements; in case of a clash of dates by lot
  • single (block) events on Friday and Saturday
  • events with individual appointments on the remaining working days

A room could be allocated to each attendance event, but not always with the space requirements claimed in the registration. Therefore, please note the number of places of your classroom in the course catalogue.

In particular, rooms have not yet been allocated to exam dates ([open])! These will only be processed in consultation with you once they have been allocated.

If you have to or want to admit more students to your course than there are places available, please inform all participants about the procedure, especially who can attend the first session in attendance. Use Moodle as an information platform for this purpose. You can let students who are unable to attend the face-to-face session take part in the course online by using a conference microphone and activating presentations. There are 20 microphones available for this purpose. These can be reserved from 2 November onwards in the Dean's Offices of the Faculty of Education (6), the Faculty of Philosophy (4), the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences (6), the Brandt School (1) and the Security Office at the main entrance (3) for one course per semester. You must collect the microphone and instructions before each session and return it immediately after the session for the next loan.

At the doors of the seminar rooms you will find the seating arrangements for the use of the room, taking into account the corona protection measures. Under no circumstances should you change the arrangement of the tables and chairs. Students must always spread out in the seminar room at the specified distance. This also applies to group work.

Attendance lists must be kept for all attendance sessions (corona). We will provide you with samples. As soon as the occupancy lists are available, you can use them as attendance lists. The lists are always to be dropped into the blue letterbox at the guardhouse immediately after each session.

At the moment, the university still has one major challenge to overcome: numerous N.N. events in the course catalogue, which are usually due to lectures that have not yet been completed. Those concerned therefore neither have a university e-mail address nor do they have access to the university network. The use of E.L.V.I.S., Moodle and Wiseflow is not possible.

As soon as new teaching assignments are completed, the dean's office will hand over the documents to the secretariats of the professorships and the lecturers will be informed by the secretariats. In the case of lecturers who have already had access to the university network and digital services due to previous teaching assignments, their access and digital services are automatically activated upon completion of the teaching assignment.

With kind regards,
Gerd Mannhaupt