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Step-by-step opening of the University Library

The management of the University Library has reached an agreement with the Presidium on the possibilities of gradually opening the library to visitors.

With the start of the lecture period in the summer semester on May 4, a limited opening of the University Library for visitor traffic and thus access to the holdings is to be made possible under strict access and hygiene conditions. For the use of the library some information:

  • Opening hours Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm;
  • Controlled entrance and exit at the main entrance for max. 50 visitors simultaneously with distribution of library baskets a stay of 30 minutes should not be exceeded;
  • Admission to the library is only permitted with a face mask (nose-mouth cover). Hand hygiene facilities are provided. The general rules of distance apply;
  • The use of the open access holdings, lending via the self-service check-out counters, copying and scanning are possible in self-service mode;
  • Distribution and return of media at the counter;
  • The reading and workstations, the special reading room, the lecture room and the individual and group work rooms cannot be used;

Orders for copies via inter-library loan are possible again with immediate effect, orders and reservations in the online catalogue or Discovery for the library stock from April, 30. Information on the return of already borrowed media will be sent by e-mail.