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Senate agrees on "as much attendance teaching as necessary"

In view of the high and increasing Covid-19 infection dynamics in Germany, the senate of the University of Erfurt agreed today in a special session for the winter semester that has just begun on the principle of "as much face-to-face teaching as necessary" with the aim of converting teaching operations largely to online formats.

Lecturers are called upon to limit the number of courses still offered in attendance to the necessary and responsible minimum. If face-to-face courses take place, masks must be worn, and the applicable rules on distance must also be observed. The senate will certainly inform the students on a regular basis how long this decision is valid.

"Especially now, when the federal government and the federal states have agreed to reduce mobility and contacts under the pressure of the infection, we too should make our responsible contribution," explains the president of the University of Erfurt, Prof. Dr. Walter Bauer-Wabnegg. This is all the more true when the group behaviour of many students on campus between courses and on their way to the university cannot be controlled. "We are absolutely aware that online teaching is a clear additional burden for students and lecturers, but we have nevertheless decided to take this step - to protect our university members and their families. But rest assured that the presidium will do everything in its power to provide the best possible support for digital teaching formats".