Working at the University of Erfurt during the Corona pandemic

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On this page you will find current information as well as questions and answers on home office, business trips, childcare and more.

Please also note our general information on dealing with Corona.

You will also find the latest employee information of Department 2: Human Ressources on the internal service pages of the university under "Work and Corona".


Employees at universities can be vaccinated

Following the recent change in the federal Corona vaccination regulation, employees at universities have now been put on an equal footing with teaching staff at schools and classified in priority group 3 with regard to the Corona vaccination.

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New employee information valid from 3 May

On the occasion of the current amendment to the Infection Protection Act, which came into force on 23 April 2021, the University of Erfurt has updated its employee information, which will be valid from Monday, 3 May 2021.

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Basic questions

You can find information and FAQs on the hygiene concept, dealing with suspected cases and basic questions on our general Corona information page.

Information from the university on handling the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Where can I find employee information on the topics of flexitime flexibilisation, use of home office, childcare leave and employees with special health risks?

You will find the latest employee information on the internal service pages of the university under "Personnel matters" in the subheading Work and Corona. We also draw attention to the publication of new information on our Corona information page in the "News" section.

Which possibilities do I have to work from home, to use telecommuting (Telearbeit) or mobile working?

Department 2: Personnel ("Dezernat 2: Personal") has prepared an information sheet [in German only]. There you will also find a corresponding form for recording working hours, which applies to employees covered by electronic time recording (flexitime), i.e. employees in technical and administrative departments, but not to professors and academic staff.

What support does the University Computer and Media Center offer for working at home?

For the support that the University Computer and Media Center provides, please click here. Apart from this the University Computer and Media Center provides appropriate information on the possibilities of organizing video conferences on its service pages. (Attention: Login required)

Is it possible to set up a VPN access for my private computer by the University Computer and Media Center?

No, this is not possible for security reasons. The WebDAV service can be used for encrypted access to business drives. The URMZ staff will be happy to answer any questions and provide support.

Is the flexible childcare "Räuberhöhle" of the student services organisation open?

No, it is currently closed. During the lockdown (i.e. initially until 10 January 2021), the daycare centre "Campus-Kinderland" also only offers emergency childcare, which is granted upon application.

Does the post office remain occupied when presence mode is discontinued?

Yes, the post office in the Erfurt University Library building is open. The mailbox at the main entrance to the campus is emptied regularly. (Please note the special opening hours over the turn of the year.)

Is it still possible to conclude employment contracts or contracts for work and services during the pandemic period?

Yes, and due to the increased use of home offices during the Corona pandemic, the following procedural simplifications apply to the conclusion of contracts for work, services and fees until further notice.

1. The application documents must be completed and signed by the applicant and contractor at the appropriate places. For this purpose, the documents must be printed out in each case, signed by the persons named, scanned in and sent to the applicant.

The co-signature of the dean's office/facility management can be replaced by consent by e-mail, which is to be attached to the contract documents.

2. The review of the contract documents as well as the co-signature by the bodies to be involved shall be carried out by electronic circulation.

3. The applicants will then receive the documents back by e-mail for signing in accordance with the applicable UE signature regulations and obtaining the signature of the contractor. The contract can be signed as described under 1 (print, sign, scan).

4. With regard to the payment instruction after receipt of the invoice of the contractor, the following procedure shall be followed:
If this cannot be signed in the original by the managing directors of the faculties/institutions, the responsible funds administrator shall sign the payment instruction on the printed documents, scan them and send them by email to The original documents are to be kept and sent to the Department 3 as soon as possible with the note "payment already made".

Contact persons

... for general questions about handling the coronavirus:

Jens Panse
University health management
(Department 2: Human Ressources)
Verwaltungsgebäude / room 1.22

... for the topics flexitime, home office, child care etc.:

Working and family (Department 2: Human ressources)
Contact persons for employee
(Department 2: Human Ressources)
Verwaltungsgebäude / Entrance right

... for employees with family in case of problems and worries:

Equal Opportunities Officer
Lehrgebäude 1 / Raum 0007