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Cancellation of all attendance events at the University of Erfurt

The University of Erfurt is cancelling all attendance events until further notice due to the current developments around the coronavirus.

If possible, they can be continued in non-present, IT-supported form. The measure affects not only lectures, seminars and other classical teaching formats, but also language courses, introductory events, sports and music events and further training for teaching staff and employees. The aim is to ensure that the possible success of studies is not impaired by the measures. Compulsory internships during studies that do not take place at the university can be continued, but the continuation is at the discretion of the respective internship provider. The university will inform you shortly about the consequences of internships that have not been fully completed.

The cancellation applies not only to events on campus, but also to excursions. Necessary working sessions will take place in appropriately large rooms in compliance with the rules of hygiene. Whether meetings and sessions can be held in smaller groups is at the discretion of the respective responsible persons. It should always be checked whether an alternative via telephone conference or Skype – especially with external participants – is possible. In the case of meetings, it should be noted that meeting rooms offer sufficient space for keeping a distance and are technically ventilated. We ask you to decide on this with a sense of proportion, taking into account all factors and possibilities.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • oral examinations. These can take place in compliance with the hygiene requirements.

Until further notice, conferences, meetings and other public events with external participants will not take place.

Furthermore, please avoid attending external events at present. Further questions should be clarified in advance with the crisis management team of the University of Erfurt (e-mail: gesundheit@uni-erfurt.de).