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Access to teaching and event rooms with QR code

In order to protect its students and employees, the University of Erfurt is legally obliged to record the presence of persons in teaching and event rooms during the Corona pandemic. This is to enable the health authorities to trace and quickly interrupt chains of contact in the event of a COVID-19 infection.

Up to now, this has been done at the university with the help of lists that were displayed in the rooms and in which all users had to register during their stay. The procedure is to be simplified and data protection improved for the summer semester 2021.

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Therefore, from the start of lectures, you will find QR room codes at the places in the lecture rooms that can be used under pandemic conditions. Please use these codes to log in and out of the room by scanning the code via your smartphone from 12 April 2021 onwards. (Please note that both "coming" and "going" must be registered in order to be able to correctly track the period of your stay in the event of a possible quarantine order and to possibly avoid unnecessary quarantines!)

When you register, your personal identification number, the respective event room and the time of arrival or departure will be recorded electronically. Only at the request of a health authority will this data be linked by the university with the following additional data if you are considered to be the contact person in a concrete case of infection or quarantine (i.e. you have been in a closed room with the person concerned for at least 15 minutes): First and last name, home address and telephone number. These will then be forwarded to the Health Office.

For the protection of all students and employees as well as their relatives, we ask you to urgently observe these regulations and thank you for your cooperation.

By the way: If you do not have a smartphone to log in using the QR code, you can also log in and out using your university user account via E.L.V.I.S. (room allocation).

+++ Attention: From 26 April 2021, visitors to the refectory will also have to sign in and out using the QR code! +++

Note on data protection:
According to the Thuringian Law on Mitigating the Consequences of the Corona Pandemic in Higher Education (ThürCorHG), the University of Erfurt is obliged to keep the above data for four weeks and to forward it to the health authorities upon request. The data will be protected from access by third parties and may only be processed for infection control purposes. They must be deleted in accordance with data protection regulations after the retention period has expired.

If you have any further questions regarding data protection, please contact the data protection officer at the University of Erfurt at: datenschutz@uni-erfurt.de.

If you have any questions regarding contact tracing, please contact the Department 1: Registrar's Office at: SuL@uni-erfurt.de.