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Access to the Thoska validation terminal also possible outside regular service hours

In the future, it will be possible at the University of Erfurt in special cases to validate the Thuringian student ID card (Thoska) outside of service hours in the buildings equipped with a corresponding terminal. This is the university's response to current requests from students.

This is because, especially at the start of the semester, it happens that students arrive on campus for the first time on weekends or in the late evening hours to move into their apartment in the student dormitory. In some residential homes, however, access is only possible with a valid Thoska. This means that the card, which is usually sent to you with your matriculation and registration, must first be validated. However, at this time the buildings where the validation terminals are located (the Administration Building, the Communication and Information Center, the University Library and the cafeteria) may already be locked.

In these cases, in the future, please contact the security personnel at the main entrance to campus. After showing your student ID card, a security guard will gladly allow you access to the administration building so that you can validate your student card.

+++ Attention: In order to be able to open the door to your room in the hall of residence, your student ID card (THOSKA) must not only be validated, but the corresponding key function must also be installed. This is done by the caretaker responsible for your residential home, who will send you the relevant information by e-mail before you move in. If you are arriving at weekends or late in the evening, please contact the caretaker in advance so that the Student Services Organisation (Studierendenwerk) can send you a guest card with key function to tide you over. +++