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As much on-site teaching as possible in the winter semester 2021/22

The Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Erfurt, Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt, today wrote a letter to students informing them of the current plans for the winter semester 2021/22. The text of the letter...

Dear students,

together we are in the middle of the third semester, in which face-to-face teaching has so far only been possible to a very limited extent. Fortunately, the incidence rates are decreasing nationwide as well as in Erfurt and the committees of the University of Erfurt are dealing with how teaching can be organised in the winter semester. Understandably, these preliminary considerations can only be made with great uncertainty at the moment. We don't know how large the proportion of those vaccinated will be in October, we don't know how further mutants of the virus will affect the incidence of infection. Nevertheless, I would like to inform you about the status of the talks and preliminary planning.

In the talks, everyone involved agreed that we would like to offer as much face-to-face teaching as possible in the coming winter semester. However, for the coming winter semester we must also be prepared for the fact that the pandemic situation will worsen again and that parts of the courses can only take place in a restricted mode or even only online. We want to take this into account with the provisional planning.

In order to ensure that as many seminars and exercises as possible can take place in presence, the lecture halls will again be made available as rooms for large event groups such as exercises and tutorials or for large seminars. Therefore, all lectures will be offered as asynchronous online lectures. All other courses will be prepared in the planning as face-to-face courses and will also be held in this way.

However, in order for the hoped-for scenario of a lively campus and direct social exchange to occur, we are dependent on your support. Of course, we hope that you will soon be able to take advantage of the opportunities for vaccination and that together we can minimise the risk of infection on campus. But we would like to ask you already now, above all, to plan where you will be living in the coming winter semester in such a way that you can live close to campus again - or perhaps for the first time for the current students in the second semester - and can get back to campus with the usual effort and "be there" in the truest sense of the word. Rest assured that all teaching staff are looking forward to this at least as much as you are and that the university administration will do everything possible to ensure that you and we can meet again on campus from 11 October 2021.

I will be happy to keep you regularly informed about the further course of planning for the winter semester.

Best regards
Gerd Mannhaupt