20. Aug 2021, 10.00 am - 11.00 am | Campus Gotha

Welcoming the Herzog Ernst Fellows

unter den Arkaden Schlosshof Schloss Friedenstein (Ostflügel)
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not public

Together with the city of Gotha, the institutions on the Gotha campus - the Gotha Research Library, the Centre for Transcultural Studies / Perthes Collection and the Gotha Research Centre - welcome the new scholarship holders.

Planned schedule:

  •  Greeting Councillor Marlies Mikolajczak
  •  Greeting Dr. Hendrikje Carius
  •  Greeting Prof. Iris Schröder
  •  Greeting Kristina Petri
  •  Round of introductions of the scholarship holders present
  •  Press photo
  •  Exchange and discussion