26. Oct 2022 - 28. Oct 2022 | Faculty of Philosophy, Religion, Society, and World Relations

Between Deviance and Marginalization. Gendered Perspectives on Transnational Crime

Research project "The Other Global Germany: Deviant Globalization and Transnational Criminality in the 20th Century"
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The Freigeist research project "The Other Global Germany: Deviant Globalization and Transnational Criminality in the 20th Century" invites interested parties to the three-day workshop in English.

Please note: Detailed information on the workshop can be found at hsozkult.


We welcome contributions that present transnational case studies and deal with questions about how media produced “sensations of crime and gender” or that reveal social aspects of crime and gender through the analysis of police and court files. We are especially interested in analyses of global cir-culation, networks, and perceptions, which centre the actors as active figures of agency. Given our focus on gender and crime, we especially welcome proposals that challenge the standard binary normativities of gender. Early career researchers are especially encouraged to contribute. We espe-cially invite papers and presenters whose research explores areas underrepresented in the academe of the Global North and Western Europe. Though we anticipate many contributions concerning the broadly-defined era of modern history, we also welcome proposals from early modern history.

We therefore seek abstracts of approximately 300 words, as well as a short biography of the present-er (including name, pronouns, contact details, and institutional affiliation if appropriate) by Friday 21 January 2022, to be forwarded to the workshop conveners (Dr. Sarah Frenking; Dr. Bodie A. Ashton) at sarah.frenking@uni-erfurt.de and bodie.ashton@uni-erfurt.de. We anticipate notifying you of acceptance by Friday 4 February 2022. We ask presenters to plan for presentations of 15 minutes and ask that papers be prepared and circulated prior to the workshop, for which we ask that they be forwarded to us by Monday 11 April 2022. The workshop will take place at the Universität Erfurt on Wednesday 08 June through to Friday 10 June 2022.