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The new CAMPUS Magazine is online

The University of Erfurt's annual review of the year 2020 has been published. The cover topic of the new CAMPUS Yearbook is the Corona pandemic, which was very challenging for research and teaching.

"Behind us lies what is surely the most strenuous and oppressive year of our recent university history, with challenges and burdens that were not to be expected in this way.," says Walter Bauer-Wabnegg, the president of the University of Erfurt, in his editorial. "And under the greatest effort of all those involved, through the power of cohesion and with the will not to give up, the sheer unbelievable has also been achieved in Erfurt and at the other university locations throughout Germany." The fact that the university, its students and staff accepted the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic and made the best of it, is evidenced not only by reports of and interviews with students and those involved in crisis management, but also by the numerous research approaches and research impulses that you will find collected in the current issue. And of course, beyond the Corona crisis, many exciting things have happened at the University of Erfurt when it comes to research, campus life, studying and teaching. But read yourself!

Download CAMPUS Yearbook 2020