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Die Kunsthistorikerin Dr. Magdalene Rudolph (verh. Kunze) und der Erfurter Verein für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe zwischen 1933 und 1945

6. Jun 2023, 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
Coelicum, Domstraße 10
Colloquium "Neue Forschungen zur Erfurter Stadtgeschichte zwischen Mittelalter und Neuzeit"
Professur Kirchengeschichte des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit
Cornelia Nowak (Erfurt)
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Lecture in german by Cornelia Nowak (Erfurt) about the Art Historian Dr. Magdalene Rudolph (née Kunze) in the context of the colloquium "New Research on Erfurt City History between the Middle Ages and Modern Times" of the professorship Church History of the Middle Ages and Modern Times in the summer semester 2023.

(Kopie 29)

With this series of lectures, we would like to provide a curious and inquisitive audience with insights into Erfurt's urban history between the Middle Ages and modern times and to enter into conversation with researchers who are currently working and thinking about the home city of our University. Based on different historical approaches, our aim is to draw attention to ongoing research or to present it, to address open research questions and fields, and to initiate new scientific studies.

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