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Electronic locking system to be further expanded

The University of Erfurt continues to expand its electronic locking system. Currently, around 1,600 doors are equipped with electronic locking cylinders, and doors in teaching building 3, Am Hügel, will be added soon.

Gateways for activating transponders have now been installed at all building entrances. The transponders, which are issued in a personalized way, are authorized to lock for 16 hours after activation at a gateway. After that, the transponder must be activated again at a gateway. In practical terms, this means holding the transponder against a gateway for about 2 seconds every morning at the start of work. For colleagues with access authorization to the campus by car, the booking is done right at the barrier.

With the progress of the expansion, all permanent clearances on the transponders, which have been justified up to now, are now deleted. This is due to both security and organizational reasons. One of the security aspects is that in the event of loss (with loss report) the transponder can be automatically blocked after 16 hours. Organizational aspects include the fact that changes to the locking system can be automatically distributed to all transponders without undistributed information paralyzing the performance of the system. Please, note that.